Start Up Business? 2 Types Of Phone Systems To Choose From

If you are a start up business one thing you need to consider is the type of phone system that you want to use. When you start looking for one, you will quickly see that you have different options. This can make it difficult to make a choice. To help you below are two types you will have available to you.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

One common type of phone system used is known as the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With this type of phone system, you will need a high speed Internet connection, which you can get from cable or DSL. If you only have satellite in your area, make sure you ask if it offers high speed connections.  You also need a modem, and a computer that has a microphone. You will install software that you receive from the VoIP provider that you choose. 

A VoIP phone system offers many benefits. One, the customers you speak with will have no idea that you are on this type of phone system as you will sound no different. You may even sound better on this phone when compared to using a smartphone. 

Another benefit of a VoIP phone system is it will save you money if you make or receive calls from overseas. This is because your phone number is not connected to any type of physical phone network. This is why you will often hear the phone number for a VoIP system as virtual. You or the people that you speak with that are overseas you will not be charged international rates

Internet Protocol Private Brand Exchange

Another option you have is an Internet Protocol Private Brand Exchange (IP PBX) phone system. This type uses your individual own private brand exchange for all your outgoing and incoming calls. This system includes installing a PBX server on your property, installing the phones, several phone lines and a gateway. 

There are many benefits of choosing an IP PBX.  First, the phone system can be installed and configured quickly.  Once installed it is easy to manage the phone system. You have the ability to make and receive telephone calls from anywhere. 

This phone system allows you to have the ability to monitor and report. This means you can monitor the phone calls so you know who your employees are talking to and how long they take on these phone calls. 

Talk with a company that sells business phone systems to learn much more about these two systems, as well as other phone systems available to you.

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