How To Prevent Your Landline From Getting Spammed With Unwanted Phone Calls

Spam phone calls from random telemarketers or even scam artists are unfortunately becoming more and more annoying these days. Thankfully, most mobile phones have an app that can help block unwanted calls or can provide an option that will prevent the phone from ringing for an unknown number. You might not have this luxury though if you are still using a landline phone. If your main house phone is getting bombarded with unwanted phone calls, here are some tips that might help.

Start Screening

This first solution is not ideal but it does technically work. Get your landline phone a caller ID and screen the calls as they come in. If it is a number you do not recognize, do not answer the phone. Sometimes if a scam artist or a telemarketer with multiple pitches actually gets someone to pick up, this will get your landline number put in a database as being a number that can be called again in the future. Not answering the phone for unknown numbers can help prevent this.

Contact Your Phone Company

This is another hit or miss solution, but today, some phone companies are starting to offer spam protection for landline phones. It might be an additional fee, and the exact things that this service will do can vary by company. But in short, your phone company may be able to figure out if an incoming call is from a known number for a scam artist or someone who sends spam calls in an abusive fashion. It might be possible to get these calls to come in silently or not at all depending on your phone company's policy.

Contact an Anti-Spam Service

While your phone company might possibly offer a solution, most are far behind the times in comparison to everything you can do to combat spam on your mobile phone. But that's why today there are companies that offer an anti-spam landline service. This service will typically work with any phone provider and can offer some of the same features you might have on your mobile device. You can turn a silent mode on or off for certain times of day or block specific numbers on a permanent basis.

Whether you are tired of getting calls from telemarketers or you are concerned about a senior citizen in your family falling prey to a scam artist, make today the day you decide to say "no" to spam on your landline. Contact a third party anti-spam landline service that can scan, silence or redirect all of your incoming calls.

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