3 Tips To Help Combat Slow Internet Speeds

Most people use the internet throughout the day for work, schooling, and entertainment. The majority of households have multiple devices connected to the internet and more than one person using the internet at the same time. Thus, it is important for your internet speeds to be able to keep up with your usage. If your internet seems slower than normal, it is natural to feel frustrated. Luckily, there are several things that you can do yourself to help solve the issue. Use the following tips to help speed up your internet if it has been lagging:

Ensure That Your Router Is Password Protected

In this day and age, most people use a router to provide a Wi-Fi signal throughout the house so devices can connect to the internet. Modern routers have strong signals, and they can be picked up even outside of your home. If you neglect to ensure that your router is password protected, it is possible for other people to use your internet signal. The more devices connected to one router, the slower the internet speeds will be. Making your router password protected will help ensure that only you and members of your household are using the internet signal so your speeds don't lag.

Move Your Router

The location of your router can also play a big role in what type of internet speeds you will experience on different devices. Ideally, your router should be positioned in a central location in your home so the Wi-Fi signal can easily be transmitted throughout your home. If your router is in an inconvenient area and you are not able to move it due to where your internet connection was placed by your internet service provider during installation, you may want to consider purchasing router extenders. Router extenders can be plugged into outlets, and they will help make the Wi-Fi signals transmitted by the router stronger, resulting in faster internet speeds.

Consider Your Internet Service Plan

If you are not happy with your current internet speeds, you may want to look at your current internet service plan and consider upgrading to a better plan. A basic internet service plan may be fine for casually browsing the internet, but if you have recently started playing video games online or if you want to stream high-definition content, you will need to pay for faster speeds. Contact your internet service provider to learn more about which plan will provide the speed that you need for your preferred internet activities. 

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